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Ethics & Conduct

Ethics & Conduct for i4CNC and the Xwame Group Limited


  • The Xwame Group Limited implements Codes of Professional Practice that apply to all employees.


  • These codes define our manner of business conduct and are compliant with UK company law and best practise governance.


  • The reputation of the Xwame Group Limited does not come from compliance to company law alone, but with individual responsibility built upon strong ethical foundations and stringent company training. We call this method of business delivery: Principals of Correct Action.

       Principals of Correct Action

  • We demand the highest standard of ‘correct action’ business conduct in all that we do.

​       Safety:

  • The health and well-being of all participants within the Xwame Group Limited supply chain is paramount. A commitment to safe working practices is demanded from all. We adhere to the applicable standards as defined by the UK Health and Safety Executive. In the case of international operations, due diligence and compliance with local legislation is compulsory.


  • Only through such compliances can we be sure that our supply chain provides high quality, reliable and safe products.


  • Safety comes first.


  • We demand the highest standards of professional integrity of, and respect towards, all customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders. Accountability begins at the personal level, and we expect all that participate in the supply chain of Xwame Group Limited to perform their applicable duties to the highest levels of both professional and personal behaviour.

       Equal Opportunities:

  • No participant within the supply chain for the Xwame Group Limited is to be subject to workplace violence, bullying, harassment, dishonesty, defamation or discrimination based upon sex, colour, age, physical or mental disability, company position or responsibility, or religious beliefs. Any violations to these expectations will result in a review of the individual circumstances, with the potential for a cessation of continued relations with any offender.




  • Taking pride in delivering value and professional commitment to the quality of our business operations, the Xwame Group Limited endeavour to produce excellence in all that we do. We operate a Continual Improvement Process through our quality management systems and principles, in order to fulfil our Operational Excellence mandate. Our operations and projects are conducted in controlled environments, and overseen by a Kaizen and PDCA (plan-do-check-act) approach to evaluation.

       Impact Responsibility:

  • Similar to all businesses of production, our operations prevent us from having a zero impact upon the environment. It is impossible. Our commitment is, however, to reduce, where possible, our adverse footprints. This includes, but is not exclusive to, Smart Material Usage and methods of fabrication for the products that we manufacture. Choosing, where possible, sustainable materials for utilisation within both our fabrication processes, and general office and factory functions. Our Environmental Management Systems range from in-house recycling of manufacturing and office materials, to car share and bike-to-work initiatives.


  • We adhere to, and promote, behaviour in accordance with that outlined in the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. Our policy towards acceptable labour practices ensures that we respect basic human rights. Slavery, human trafficking, or any similarly illegal form of behaviour and business within the entire supply chain of the Xwame Group Limited will not be tolerated. Conviction of such offences will result in immediate termination of any and all associations with the Xwame Group Limited.

Xwame Group Limited 2023

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