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Engineering for Science


Hello and welcome to i4CNC

Our heritage rests with the production and maintenance of specialist hardware to be found within high-resolution mass spectrometers.

​Staffed by physicists, chemists, drafters and engineers, our external global stakeholders include Original Equipment Manufacturers, independent industry, academia and government entities.

Today, we involve ourselves in the fabrication of components for complex scientific instrumentation, particle accelerators, nuclear research facilities and Big Science projects.

Net Zero


i4CNC manufacture build-to-print, and bespoke, precision-engineered components.


Our fields of professional interest extend into electro-mechanical assemblies, high-vacuum part constructions and most other multifaceted engineering requirements demanded of industrial scientific research and production.


We actively engage in hybrid fusions of mixed technologies, materials, composite builds and complex finishes.

Operating CNC and lapping machinery, i4CNC also offer metal-working and welding solutions.


Quality Control

Accuracy of production is ensured with the use of the latest Coordinated Measuring Machines.

Whilst striving to meet our Industry 4.0 objectives, traditional metrology methods are also standard practise for i4CNC.

​Non-destructive testing includes Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness tests. Charpy and drop weight tests. Tensile, fracture and toughness tests.

Weld integrities are verified through dye-penetration, radiographic and ultrasonic testing regimes.

Big Science

Project Management

i4CNC offer a total project management service to the supply chain and evolving i4 network.


As an ISO 9001 and UK Cyber Essentials-accredited company, our aim is to deliver a completely assured fabrication service for any type of component requested of us.


Our dedication to client relationships continues into post-production service and maintenance, stockholding facilities, Off Shelf, and assembly build services at our manufacturing facility.

Our contemporary quality management systems can be adapted to fulfil assurances for client-specific requirements.

Net Zero


i4CNC operate a Kaizen working environment in conjunction with a smart material usage process.

Environmental impact considerations and adherence to all relevant ISO standards is obligatory company policy.


The application of Social Value to our company philosophy lies at the heart of our Operational Excellence mandate.


We engineer for science.

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