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Hello, and welcome to i4CNC.


We are a division of the Xwame Group Limited, with a heritage that rests with mass spectrometry and complex instrumentation.


Originally concerned with the international scientific community and its stringent requirements for exacting analysis, we are now involved in the manufacturing of precision-engineered components, electronic solutions and electromagnetic technologies for a wide variety of industry sectors.


Recognised internationally as experts in our fields of professional interest, our scope of engineering exposure ranges from civil to defence in application.


We operate a Kaizen working environment, in order to efficiently produce for our clients and other associated supply chains.

Our Industry 4.0 (i4) objectives include the application of Social Value to our company philosophy and Operational Excellence mandate.


We hold Cyber Essentials accreditation and are ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Specialising in the CNC-fabrication of precision components, we manufacture for market sectors that include the scientific community, defence, nuclear, automotive, aerospace, medical, maritime, oil and gas.

Staffed by physicists, chemists, drafters and engineers, our external global stakeholders include Original Equipment Manufacturers, independent industry, academia and government entities.


Our production facilities offer a total project management service to the supply chain and evolving Industry 4.0 network. We offer scalability from drawing concept and prototyping, to high-volume throughput of standardised components.

As an ISO 9001 and UK Cyber Essentials-accredited company, our aim is to deliver a completely assured fabrication service for any type of component requested of us.


Our dedication to client relationships continues into post-production service and maintenance. This includes stockholding facilities for those clients that require Off Shelf and assembly build services at our manufacturing facility.

We are committed to end-product excellence. Our contemporary quality management systems can be adapted to fulfil assurances for client-specific requirements.


Taking pride in delivering value and commitment to conventional manufacturing, we apply the same dedication to advanced technologies and bespoke projects.


We operate a Kanban approach to all lean and just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing.

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